Heaven or Hell- what do you believe?  March 22, 2009 - April 12, 2009

Contest Completed


Heavenly Divine- Top Prize - [writing deleted]
Hellishly Wicked- Top Prize - Games
The Angels Whisper Your Name - Let Me Tell You About Heaven.
Demons Have Nightmares of You - Where Hell Resides
Your Divine Insight Astounds Us - DeadLy DReam
You Are One With Satan - [writing deleted]
Heavenly - [writing deleted]
Hellish - [writing deleted]
Wicked - Sent to Hell
Divine - Heaven


*members of the asylum only. if not a member, then join us, we'd love to have you!*

I want to hear what you think heaven and/or hell would be like. Get detailed, get descriptive, get creative! When you die, where do you want to go, what do you expect heaven to be? What about hell? Make it vivid, make me feel as if I'm there!!


$0.00, a blue ribbon


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