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Dear Writers,

Please choose one (1) only prompt example from the following five (5) prompts and write a SHORT story about it.

Here are some writing prompts about love. You can use them to write romantic, comic, or suspenseful stories, depending on where your imagination takes you.

1) A character in a retirement home falls in love with his nurse.

2) A character thinks s/he has fallen in love with someone from another country, but neither of them speaks the other's language.

3) A character falls in love with his/her professional rival (for example, they are competing for the same job; they work for competing companies; they are lawyers on opposite sides of a case; they are political opponents; they play for rival sports teams; they are spies for enemy countries, etc.)

4) A character falls is in love again with his or her husband/wife... right after asking for a divorce.

5) A psychologist falls in love with his/her patient. Professional ethics prevents him/her from acting on his/her feelings... but it's so hard to resist...

Happy writing!


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