Hidden message  July 8, 2010 - August 16, 2010

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outside the box - Taunting Octopus
dig for the meaning - Line
search for the message - Home
hunt for the moral - Growth
thought provoking - Highway man
My Favourite - The Free Man; a fable of folly
mind awakening - Abandon
contemplative - [writing deleted]


I want you to write something that can be interpreted as many different things in many different ways depending on the person reading it. I want subtle "read between the lines" writing that will make me have to think about the deeper messages hidden within the words. Please no blantanly obvious writes that give a clear message of what is being said i.e if its a breakup or love poem (which we all have to admit are very over written about) then I don't want to KNOW its a break up/love poem, I want to interpret it that way or have it diverse enough to be able to relate with many other topics the readers can connect it with.

So, creative writers, give me your subtle insight! and have fun with it!


reviews by me... and perhaps by fellow contestants


Emily Lynn
Emily Lynn


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