Hip-Hop Lyrics  February 23, 2017 - March 2, 2017

Reading and Deliberating


Submit your best hip-hop song. It can only be a hip-hop song, or it will not be taken into consideration for the judging of the contest. I will be judging on 6 aspects, which include:

-Lyricism (Basically density of rhyme scheme)
-Originality/Creativity (If I can easily compare the song to the style of another artist, then it's not original. If the concepts used in the song exist in multitude, then it's not original)
-Metaphors (A comparison of two things without the use of "like" or "as")
-Similes (A comparison of two things with the use of "like" or "as")
-Message (How well your song conveys a particular message)
-Wordplay (Creative usage of words for the sake of sending different meanings, or for the sake of wordplay itself)

I will be judging each song. So, if there are some things that you want to make sure I understand (wordplay in particular), be sure to bold/underline/italicize them. I will also be leaving feedback on each song. Please do not change the lyrics at all once you have submitted it. Finally, good luck!


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