Hit Me With Your Best Shot  February 24, 2011 - March 1, 2011

Contest Completed


Outstanding - Sucker Punch
Exceeds Expectations - I am Penthos (Grief)
Great - Opening
Very Good - `Sweet Chianti Lips`
Good - Critical
Good - Waving Into Blind Eyes
Good - Hibakusha
Good - Flame


I want to be impressed. I want to feel the words. I want to be amazed. I want to see your best.

I will be harsh, I will expect nothing less than your best--nothing less than the best.

So, come on--hit me with your best shot.

Edit: This has been much more of a success than I originally thought possible. So, I am extending the contest by two days, and adding three more awards and this note.
Please do:
submit unique, original poetry
submit more than one poem per person

Please do not:
submit poems over 30 stanzas long
submit poems that have numerous grammatical errors. (you will not be penalized for stylistic punctuation or missing capitalization.)

As a note, I highly prefer freestyle, non-rhyming poetry to structured poetry. This is my personal preference, but I will try my best to keep this from influencing my decisions, but please note that it inescapably will influence me a bit.


Atco, NJ


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