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Holiday Haikus!  December 15, 2013 - December 20, 2013

Contest Completed


Haiku King - Sweet Kisses
Haiku Queen - [writing deleted]
Haiku Jester - On Presents


Sometimes fewer words is better.
Submit a poem following the haiku format of 5-7-5.
(If you don't know about haikus, google is a wonderful friend!)
I will read the first two submissions per contestant.
Haikus can be quick, yet moving. Have fun!
Can range from holiday food to traditions to weather etc. Be creative guys <3 There will be one male winner, and one female winner for the first two prizes. The third, "haiku jester" will be give to the author with a tint of humor in his holiday haiku!


South Portland, ME


8 Contestants
10 Submissions
Created Dec 15, 2013