Home Sweet Home  July 30, 2008 - October 1, 2008

Contest Completed


Grand Homestead Award - The Lake
Coming home Award - The Dream
No place like home award - Construction Accidents
Home for the holidays award - [writing deleted]
Show me the way to go home award - The Quilt
Country Roads, take me home award - Attention
My home is my castle award - [writing deleted]
Full house award - Sunset and Snowfall
Home cooking award - The Perfect Chicken Soup
Leave it to Beaver award - [writing deleted]
Home of the Brave award - Narcissus Lake
No place like home award - [writing deleted]
Walking home In gayer sandals award - Mein verlorenes Ich / My lost I / Mon Je perdu
Going home award - EVENING LURE
Home alone award - In The Other Room
Sailing home award - Empty
Distant hills of home award - Flickers
Home on the rolling deep award - [writing deleted]
Call the cattle home award - --- Summer In a Jar ---
Home is where the heart is award - And It Meant Everything To Me


Write a story or poem that takes place in or around a house.

Your writing can be any genre.
No more than 1000 words would be appreciated, but not strictly enforced.


The winning submission will receive my congratulations.


You've seen one polluted city, you've seen them all., Thailand


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