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Home for the Aged  August 14, 2007 - August 31, 2007

Reading and Deliberating



Anything about old people, seeking help from their un-real family... or showing their struggles, helpless and meek presumptions of life as they go on surpassing the past, but wanting to look back... but to nowhere they are led....

Senile (revisited)
A Poem by Rc R. Vagilidad

I saw pictures
Hanged between the walls,
Impotent pictures,
A still life among their timid smile,
The smile which was forced
to veil their emaciated face.

In time, the picture became memories.


Most were captioned with dates.
Started from a life
Then suddenly, inside a home
They fade as if the leaves of summer

Yes, memories that have longed been forgotten
And never will ever be remembered.

A soul, sold for sympathy
A soul, chained in reality
A soul, bestowed for care
....but no one really cares at all.
For money is care, nothing is for granted.

They cried, in agony of the past
But no one knows she cried because of it.

Their hearts is now without family
In a home were everyone is the same
The same, hearts that bleed
But they don�t know why.
They kept on, trying to remember
Only midst of the summer light
And silence, under a tree
They pray they will die for a reason

And pictures be their memories
as soon as it is remembered.


$on your wallet, self-esteem (somehow?)


1st Place 1st Place
2nd Place 2nd Place
3rd Place 3rd Place


Rc R. Vagilidad
Rc R. Vagilidad
Avenida Quezon Street Sibalom, Antique, Western Visayas, Philippines


Created Aug 14, 2007

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