Honor Your Parents or Grandparents   July 30, 2013 - August 31, 2013

Contest Completed


First Place Treasured Child - [writing deleted]
Second Place - My Grandfather
Third Place - Mum & Dad


A picture from the Ohio State Fair Art Exhibit Painter Unknown

Please read the Rules to this Contest!

In all the time I have been here I have only held 1 or 2 contests. I was reminded of this By Anna the other day. So in an effort to correct this I wanted to run another. the Cafe has been very kind to me over the years.
Thank You All
The contest will last one month.
This is a contest that will allow you to honor your own parents or grandparents. And a chance for me to Honor You in return for all your kindness over the years.

So The rules are simple

1. It has to be a tribute to your parents or your grandparents, or at least to one of your parents or one of your grandparents.

2. It has to be poetry not prose

3. If you were raised by someone other than these listed it may be about them.

Please don't make them excessively long. As many know I am not a fan of length as opposed to depth.


I will send a copy of my latest book "My Immortal Soul" to the Winner


Tate Morgan
Tate Morgan
Marion , OH


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