Hope in the midst of darkness  May 27, 2007 - June 17, 2007

Contest Completed


Every word is a shining becon of hope! - A Million Butterflies
You've make us see the light - Never Alone in the Mirror
Inspiring and hopeful - [writing deleted]
Emotionally dazzling - It\\\'s The City Life.
Beautiful just isn't enough to describe it... - [writing deleted]


My biggest challenge as a writer is writing about the things I see as dark from a positive perspective. I was once challenged to write a poem about my life and family with only happiness and positive thoughts. I don't demand only bubbly fun here, I want to see you turn the darkness into light, to find the end of the tunnel or at least know it's there, to grasp hope and know it's worth, know it's always there.
So go ahead, blow me and everyone else away... But most importantly, do it for yourselves. You amazing writers out there, challenge yourselves!
Love and all my best,


A smile on yours and the readers faces...


Prudence Desideria
Prudence Desideria
Wouldn't you like to know..., United Kingdom


Created May 27, 2007