Horror Filled Nights And Days  September 5, 2010 - September 13, 2010

Contest Completed


Black Dream Award - BLOOD DREAMS
Black Waking Dream - Embalmed, Buried, Oblivion
Waking Nightmare - When The Hauntings Began
Nightmare Award - Zombie Swamp Witch
Screams in the Day Time - The Night Crawlers
Screams at Night - A Nightmare on the internet
Cries For Help Award - Latin American Vampire
Deathly Dark Award - The Devil's Out Tonight
Death Comes Calling - At the Funeral
Hell Waking Award - Siren Song


Submit your scary stories and poems here to win an award!


The fun of winning!


Black Cat Fever
Black Cat Fever
Sumptner, OR


24 Contestants
41 Submissions
Created Sep 6, 2010

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