Horror Stories September 16-23  September 16, 2016 - September 23, 2016

Contest Completed


Victor - Of ghost towns and empty hearts
2nd Place - Pieces 3
3rd Place - Don't Be Late
Honorable Mention - The Crimson Sheets of Tiffany Way


The third edition of Casey Wilkerson's horror story contest.

Writings must either be Horror/Mystery/Suspense/Thriller. Stories are strongly recommended, but all types of writing are wholeheartedly welcome!

I recommend that everyone who submits writing to this contest read and review your opponents, out of general respect and the need to know who you're competing against.
No one will lose their chance to win if they don't however, this is only a recommendation. Any questions whatsoever can be shot to me in a private message. There are no stupid questions.

Any past winners may not resubmit a work if they achieved first place, second place and beyond may resubmit the same works.

And remember, make it scary.


A detailed review from me, reviews from other participants, and a shiny virtual medal so you can say "Ha Ha, I'm better than you!"


Casey Wilkerson
Casey Wilkerson
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