Hot Writing Skillz  June 10, 2008 - June 20, 2008

Contest Completed


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner - Pain of invisible shelter...
Winner Gangster - Summer Rain
Winna - [writing deleted]
so close, but so far away - [writing deleted]
Next time, Next time - Same Old Secrets
Missed the Bullseye - [writing deleted]
Third is the one with the Treasure Chest - Unrequited Hate.
Your bad - [writing deleted]
try again later - My Imaginary Creature
nope, sorry - I Know How To Fix It
it you say..okay - As I swing
NEXT - Sweet Sacrifice
oh, unlucky 13 - Hope (A Batttle Cry)
idk...your 14 - If Anna-Leigh Hadn\'t Lived
odd number - radiance
oh, wow, your an even number - Mistifying First Live Musical Experiance
17! - A Child Story...
so sad... - Anarchy LAST - Wanderer in the Mist
oh, this sucks - The Circus of the Smile


submit whatever you want and if i like it you might get an award. no romance though. that's ewies to me.





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