How Do You Know? *Love Poems*  November 20, 2011 - December 17, 2011

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Submit poems or songs that will answer my question: "How do you know if someone loves you?" or "How do you let someone know you love him/her?"

This is inspired by the song That's How You Know from the Disney movie Enchanted. The song is just an example, so give me some original ideas and thoughts. (Thus, listen to the song first so that you won't be just repeating what it says, haha). I'd really love to know what you think. :))

Extended to 15 entries since a lot of submissions didn't follow the rules.

- No mature content please. I prefer love poems that stay pure and innocent
- Up to 20 lines only (not really strict, but this is my preference)
- No plagiarism
- Should answer my question (Don't submit a random love poem of yours!)
- Submit your best one! ;)

If you won't abide with the rules, your write is automatically disqualified. I won't even leave a review! :))

P.S. The deadline is up to December 20, but if it reaches the maximum number of entries way earlier than that date, then I'll cut the contest short! ;) Good luck. :)


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