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I hate writing short stories, yet when I do, I'm always glad I did. This got me thinking, what should our online community be for? I've got to thinking that a lot of contests on writerscafe reward style of writing - in line with the hosts own tastes, I don't think this is always fair. A great deal of recognition should be rewarded for plot or character or initial idea, the thoughts we have before their execution. Can you recognise the spark that ignites a story?

I don't want you to share with me one you already have. I'm not interested in stealing ideas. Instead, the brief is - go make a *new* document on writerscafe, and propose something that makes me want to write FROM it. The pause of breath before the pen goes down if you like. Do not use ideas you yourself want to write - but one that you'd like to see someone else have a go at. Or maybe one you haven't been able to do anything with. You can do this in any creative form you want - anything from profiling a character, a scenario, a single sentence, a link to a piece of music or news report - anything that incites a brilliant, electric short story. Can you encapsulate inspiration?

I will write something using the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place proposals, to get the ball rolling. And I will also host the link to these three writers profiles on my profile page, to help them get more feedback.

I think the cafe has been a little dead of late, hopefully competitions like this may kindle some debate, and help get everyone bouncing ideas off of each other.


I will host the 1st, 2nd & 3rd place's writing on my profile


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