Human Rights  June 10, 2010 - July 30, 2010

Contest Completed


take a stand - Tear it Down
make a difference - [writing deleted]
fight for a change - 100 Reasons To Change The World
Change Lives - What Value a Life?
Cherish humanity - [writing deleted]
See through the wicked - Hatred in the Heart of Olde England
Be judgeless - HIDDEN Truth *
Be selfless - [writing deleted]
love thy neighbour - Freedom to...
love thyself - The Martyrs


I am a BIG human rights/equality activist so, for this contest, I want to see writings on just that; human rights. I have had contests before that have had submissions that had nothing to do with the contest specifications (they were all well done mind you) so I just ask that whatever pieces you decide to submit please be solely based around human rights and your beleifs/thoughts on the topic. All writing types and genres are welcome! I look foreward to reading some amazing opinion driven writing, good luck!


Emily Lynn
Emily Lynn


18 Contestants
25 Submissions
Created Jun 11, 2010

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