Hunger games fan fiction  December 25, 2012 - January 11, 2013

Contest Completed


Best Fan Fiction Writer - How to Get Peeta's Attention
Honorable mention - Daughter's Lament (A Hunger Games fanfic)


okay so if you couldn't tell from the title, the point of this contest is to write hunger games fan fiction. I, like many people, love the hunger games books, and I don't think the story is quite over yet. Your story can happen anytime before, during, or after the original books. You can have it be told by another character or you can write how you think the story should have ended. Just a few of the many things you can write for this contest. Have fun!
P.s. Most types of writing are accepted for this contest but please don't submit poetry or books that have a TON of chapters. Sorry but if you do I will have to remove your writing from consideration.


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Created Dec 25, 2012