Hurt Me  August 19, 2007 - October 31, 2007

Contest Completed


Emperor/Emperess of Agony - [writing deleted]
King/Queen of Pain - One Life
Prince/Princess of Ailment - [writing deleted]
Duke/Duchess of Ill - [writing deleted]
Herald of Mild Discomfort - [writing deleted]


About pain. Did you ever have your heart broken and had unspoken hateful sentiments you wanted to spill? Did a loved one die and you never got to say goodbye? You just REALLY have some deep pain you want to get out? I want you to make me cry, and you've got 1500 words to do it in. Give me a poem or a story, or a rant. You can either tell me your sob story, or fling your hateful abuse at me as if you grievances came spewing out of my mouth. Basically, if you hurt now, ever have before, or have something that will hurt you in the future, then make me feel your suffering as well. I know you've all got something in there that hurts. Time to share it and get if off your chest. Plus, if you win, I'll write 500 words of praise for you, and post it on my Myspace, and on this site as well.


$0.00, 500 words of praise on my Myspace and on that I will write, heralding your piece and why it was better than the competition. Its a small, but potentially effective, means of exposure.


Marietta, GA


Created Aug 19, 2007