Hydra Poem Contest  March 22, 2012 - July 22, 2012

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First Place- Mythical Animals, Hydra Award - The Lore of the Hydra and Hercules


Hydra is the multi-headed serpent beast with poisonous blood and breath so bad it could kill a man. There are numerous references to Hydra in Greek literature and poetry, but one individual Hydra is the most well-known for having been slain by the hero Hercules and his nephew Iolaus. (S)he was known as the "Hydra of Lerna" because (s)he lived in the marshlands of the Lernaean region of Greece. As the legend goes, it was impossible to win a battle with Hydra because cutting off one of its heads meant that two more would grow back in its place. Then the hero Hercules came along and figured out a strategy for winning a fight with Hydra. After chopping off one of the beasts' heads, he quickly burned the stump so a new one could not regenerate. He proceeded to unburden the monster of its remaining heads, cauterizing each wound as he cut.

Rules on entering:
Only Poetry will be accepted.
500-3000 words.
Up to nine pieces of work per writer.
I will also be looking for new and creative styles of a new breed of Hydra. I. G. (new heads, fire breathing, water squirting, flying, ext.)

The winners will be voted by other member's of Writerscafe.org--so please tell your friends to vote!

If I have less than 300 people post their work on this contest, I will shut it down. A contest should be big, and don't you want to prove to your friends that you won first place out of 2,700 poems, 300 contestants, one contest?

~S. D. Blankenship


$0.00, I will send R.R.'s to other member's and your work will be big.


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