I Am VaMpIrE^^^^^  September 8, 2011 - October 1, 2011

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I Am Vampire 1st Place Award - Virtuous
Bram Stoker Award - [writing deleted]
Transyvania Award - Behind the twilight skies
Gothic Literature Award - Bloody kisses
Morbid Melodrama Award - [writing deleted]
Literary Vamperism Award - Death to the Outsiders
City Vampire Award - My Beautiful Serpent
Country Vampire Award - SETTLER'S BLOOD
Psychic Vamprye Award - Indulgent Psychopath vampire fright
Nightflyer Award - Goodbye


Are there such things as Vampires?? Do they really exist? Yes!! of course there are and Yes!! they do exist !! at least in books and movies they do~I AM VAMPIRE~and I am sure they are alive and doing quite well right here on WC. lol so send me your poems ,Rhyme or prose,and short stories on VAMPIRES only ~ I don't care if they're vampires from the west coast,east coast or new york city, they can be ugly, wicked, mean or pretty~stupid,smart,goofy or witty, etc...just make sure it's about VAMPIRES~ you may send op to 3 pieces~ no long stories, chapters or bks please, poetry and short stories only ~ and have fun with it


A Case of Blood- Lite j/k


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Fran Marie
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