I Can't Stop Reading It!  August 9, 2011 - August 15, 2011

Contest Completed


First Place - Albus Potter and the Aphobious
Second Place - Drunken Group Therapy
Third Place - The Warrior
Honorable mention - [writing deleted]


This contest is all about those stories you just can't put down, weither it be original, Cross over, or FanFiction, submt it here.All stories will be read in the order they are submitted, winners will be selected by me and my two best freinds( you know who you are). Selection will happen 1-2 weeks after the deadline, depending on how many people enter and how long the stories are. Like i said before, all stories will be read and rated on my special paper(no you can't see it), if a tie occurs the tieing stories will be given to a language arts teacher to dicide the winner. Each person can enter 3 times, and there is no limit on the length of the stories,jusr remember the longer they are the longer they take to score,and decide the winner.Please have fun!!!


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