I Dare You  October 1, 2013 - October 31, 2013

Contest Completed


Spook Master: The Overall Winner - Black Ash
Second Place - Hunt Me, Hurt Me.
Third Place - sideway
Fourth Place - Fatal Lullaby! -All Hallowed Eve Lyrics of Death
Fifth Place - The Raven, a Co-Write with Sheila Kline
Sixth Place - IT WANTS ME OUT!
Seventh Place - The Demon That Is He
Runner Up: Spook Amateur - The Ghost
Honorable Mention: Spook Apprentice - The Garden Of Tears
Honorable Mention: Spook Apprentice - The Face in the Window


Write anything, anything you feel like, that has anything that is a sign of bad luck in it (i.e. black cats, opening an umbrella under a roof, walking under a ladder, shattered mirrors). A scary ending or a sudden plot twist is encouraged. This shall fit into the Halloween mood, and the winner will be announced on Halloween. Good luck to you all, and I dare you to write anything that will scare the heck out of me.


$0.00, Bragging Rights. Medal. End of story.


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