I Hate You  March 11, 2009 - March 25, 2009

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Your Hatred Could Start a War- You Win - Little Fcuking Hate Poem
I Felt It- Still Seeing Red - Glass house
You are a Walking Time Bomb - The Art of Screaming
Remind Me Not To Piss You Off - My Truth vs. Your Lies
You Should Consider Anger Management - I CALL YOU...
Stay Away from Firearms - [writing deleted]
I Would Not Want to Run Into You In An Alley - Shoutout
You Frighten Small Children - Tea Party
You Need Medication and Serious Therapy - How Could you Mommy, I Trusted you
Do You Work at the Post Office? - As Her Instrument


*Aslyum members only- if not a member, join us*

Who do you hate? Give me your best poems about hating someone, whether it be an ex-lover, an ex-best friend, a mother, a father, any other relative, the guy behind the counter at the local deli, that driver that just cut you off, the postman, George W. Bush, that barking dog that keeps you awake at night, WHOEVER! Just make it hateful, make it angry. Make me feel your seething hatred.


$0.00, a nice award & our respect


the looney bin


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Created Mar 12, 2009

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