I Left My Heart In _____________  November 11, 2008 - November 19, 2008

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1st place winner - [writing deleted]
2nd place winner - [writing deleted]
3rd place winner - Over the Bridge
4th place winner - Pine Creek Valley
5th place winner - 43. WATER CARESS BY THE BANKS OF THE VER
1st honorable mention - Crushed Paris Streetscape
2nd honorable mention - [writing deleted]
3rd honorable mention - White Dreams
4th honorable mention - -Orginal Sin-
5th honorable mention - [writing deleted]


I was missing the place I went on vacation, (Colorado Springs)
so I was wondering if you could write a poem about a place
that is beautiiful to you, a place you miss or long to visit...
whatever your reasons...

I would like to feel the longing in your heart...
I love vivid imagery, soft alliteration, metaphor
and enjoy both free verse and rhyme when unforced and beautifully flowing...

sensual is always beautiful but erotica is not to me...

Use spell check please
Have fun!


image credit:
"Garden of the Gods, Fog Clearing at Sunrise,
Colorado Springs, Colorado" � 2005 Robert Castellino



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poet2angels (lynda)
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