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Devils Gambol
Why am I drown to her? I could lose everything. I don't know her. She's deadly. Zeus won't be happy...
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I Miss the Old You  December 17, 2009 - December 30, 2009

Contest Completed


Perfect - [writing deleted]
Beautiful - Mask
Amazing - Can\'t Live Without You
Awesome - Turning Times
Great - Faces
Honor - Too late
Honor - Friend?
Honor - I Wish I Could Go Back To The Way Things Were Before.
Honor - Friends I used to have


Write about how things used to be, whether with a friend, a boyfriend, a family member...but now they're someone else. They changed. Maybe you miss them. Maybe you want them to be like they used to. True stories, or poems or totally made up. Doesn't matter. Be creative and try to have fun with it.


A Beautiful Ribbon



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Created Dec 18, 2009