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I Wanna Feel Something  December 2, 2008 - December 9, 2008

Contest Completed


Best Short Story - I Got Cancer because of Michelle Stark
Best Poem - Tell Me You...
Rawest Emotion Felt Through Reading - velvet
Most Hilarious Take on Contest - Death\'s Visit
Words That Made Me Go, "Awwww!" - [writing deleted]


I'm making a book for my boyfriend, and I want to use a bunch of poems and stories that evoke emotions. So, write a poem or short story that centers around one of the following emotions: anger/rage, love, lust/sex, sadness, fear, boredom, happiness/joy. I can't give you any money, but you will be credited in his present. :)


Publication in the Final Product, my eternal gratitude, and reviews on your writing from me!


Miss Prince
Miss Prince
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