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AMAZING! Not a single pronound ans still wonderfull!!!! - [writing deleted]


Have you ever tried going the entire day with out saying any pronouns. It's hard! What I want to know is how hard is it to write, without using any pronouns? Here is what you do: Write either a poe, or a short story, without using a single pronoun. It has to be talking either about you or your reader. Do not over use that person's name, and make sure that it is interesting, because it will still be judged on how well it is written. Poems must be between 3 and 6 stanzas long, and short stories between 6 8 sentences, to filling up the screen. Get creative, see how to work around the pronouns.

Most people us the pronoun I more than any other word. Don't believe me? Carry around a note book all day and mark down every time you use a pronoun under which one it is (have a list of pronouns with colums). At the end of the day see how many you have for each one.


Hello Kitty
Hello Kitty
My city is of no consiquence...


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