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I challenge you to write as a team  April 13, 2011 - May 31, 2011

Reading and Deliberating



Create a character that isn't you. Write a short story or poem that is about this person.

get us to like this person right way or get us to relate to this person in some way.

Introduce an unexpected twist that produces a profound, or moving, or touching experience. (Can not have anything to do with death)

Wrap your writing up with a life lesson that the reader takes away from it after reading it.

Monkey Wrench: You have to collaborate with another group member and write this challenge together and it has to be written in 3rd person. No more than 120 words total!

Contests winners are voted on by the group. It is my hope in this contest that we all get to know each other and maybe learn something about someone else writing style that we can incorporate into our own.

Are you up to the challenge?

Still interested in hearing about your ideas for future contests and writing prompts. Anyone can have a contest in this group or a writing prompt sent out just contact me.


$0.00, Recognition


Challange 1st Place - Dynamic Duo Challange 1st Place - Dynamic Duo
Challange 2nd Place - Teamwork Challange 2nd Place - Teamwork
Challange 3rd Place - Runner Ups Challange 3rd Place - Runner Ups


South of Sub Space Lost in the Cosmos of Life, TN


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Created Apr 13, 2011

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