I want to be drawn in - Poetry Contest  July 11, 2007 - August 20, 2007

Contest Completed


The most beautiful and heart breaking tear jerker - [writing deleted]
The most uplifting and happy - [writing deleted]
Amazing and touchingly beautiful - [writing deleted]
Beautiful and descriptive but needs work - [writing deleted]
Touching and lovely but not what I'm looking for - [writing deleted]


Ok this contest is just for fun so I will keep this really simple.

I want a simple poem, one that pulls me right into the emotion entirely. Try to make me laugh or cry or be angry or envious or whatever you wish.

Basically the contest is to make a poem so great, so emotional all I can think of is the story or the feelings in it.

Got it?

please no erotic or explicit poetry


Umm.... knowing you have an amazing gift for reaching your audience


Roberta Weth
Roberta Weth
Portland, OR


Created Jul 11, 2007