INTOXICATION  September 3, 2010 - September 5, 2010

Contest Completed


Swirling High - [writing deleted]
Wild High - Sacrament of Seduction
Spinning High - Buzzed
Winning High - Burning sighs
Screaming High - [writing deleted]
Mad High - Alcoholic Sunrise
Sorrowful High - Days Gone By
Wondering High - Beyond Wonderland
Wonderful High - Life In A Trip
Hey, I'm High! - One Shot


A contest for your poetry describing what it's like to be intoxicated. The high can be from anything, drugs, alcohol, life, anything and must be only about the high. And the highs can be real or simply fantasy and they can be wonderful to being out right nightmares!


The fun of winning!


Black Cat Fever
Black Cat Fever
Sumptner, OR


17 Contestants
25 Submissions
Created Sep 4, 2010

Human DeEvolution Crusade
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