Iambic Consonance  December 6, 2015 - December 20, 2015

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In the present contest, I expect you to write a poem that will combine Iambic verse with literary consonance

You may read about Iambic verse here:

You may read about Literary consonance here:

The following poem (of mine) is an example of Iambic tetrameter portraying the usage of the device of consonance:


Beclogged his mind attempted to
assemble words and make them rhyme
two chicks inside his dancing shoe
arpeggios sang about lunchtime.

The consonance of birdie chirps
commixed with his tenor vox
to harmonize with gurgling burps,
the gulps of beer and chicken squawks.

With half unfolded, haggard eyes
he dragged to the kitchen fridge,
should dormant senses misadvise
cause grogshops intellects abridge.

Four sizzling, with butter, eggs
prepared thereon the ferrous cast
were ravened as the froth in kegs
quixotically quelled, unglassed.

© 2015-08-31 G. Venetopoulos, All rights reserved
(Iambic tetrameter)

You are asked to compose an original verse, analogous (in quality) to mine. Do not use any of my lines in your work.
Good luck to all!


I have received quite a few nice poems in the contest. I have to announce that none among them combined well attended Iambic metre with the device of Consonance. Therefore, I presume that you have submitted older works of yours that somehow followed Iambic metre (with many flaws) but were insufficient to be accepted as winners in this contest. Due to that, I have decided to announce no winners. Thank you, all.


My acknowledgement!


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