Idioms and Cliches  May 18, 2009 - July 18, 2009

Contest Completed


First the Worst (Just Kidding!) - Between The Lines
Second the Best - Body and Soul
Third The Golden Bird - A Rose by any other Name...
Honorable Mention - Haiku Bleeding Heart


Idiom lovers and clich� enthusiasts, (or people who want a good challenge) here's your chance! Write a poem or story about an Idiom. Here's how it'll work�

1. Send me a message with the title "Idioms contest" and request to be in the contest

2. Give me a letter (Like "G" or "M� or any letter) and I will message you an idiom with that letter in the beginning as well as give you the definition (Thanks to my Idioms Dictionary) and must incorporate that idea into your poem/story. Please message me to make sure that you are using the idiom that I give you

3. However, if you don't like the one I give you to start with, I will allow you to give me another letter and I will send you another idiom. Then you can have your choice of the two.

4. I'll keep a list of who has what idiom so no two poems have the same idiom so your poem and idiom will be all yours.

So good luck and I hope you find this a challenge!


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