If The Hunger Games Were To Continue...  January 11, 2014 - January 18, 2014

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Katniss - [writing deleted]
Peeta - [writing deleted]
Gale - [writing deleted]
Haymitch - [writing deleted]
Primrose - [writing deleted]
Cinna - [writing deleted]


3 paragraphs on what you would want to see in the 4th Hunger Games book. The most creative yet the most that makes sense will win. Good Luck!!


Echo Lily
Echo Lily
Mt. Morris, IL


Created Jan 11, 2014

The Pernicious Portrait
The Pernicious Portrait
A stranger arrives at the St. Sebastian estate, to remind the owner and his butler that the past never dies.
Murder on the Marsh
Murder on the Marsh
A young unwed tenant farmer will go to any lengths to get rid of his illegitimate child.