Imagery - Short Stories  January 7, 2009 - January 16, 2009

Contest Completed


Ultimate Imagery Writer (1st Place) - [writing deleted]
Grand Imagery Writer (2nd Place) - The Hunger
Superb Imagery Writer (3rd Place) - Witch of the Eastern Skies
Amazing Imagery Writer (4th Place) - Final Moments
Wonderful Imagery Writer (5th Place) - Mister Cellophane.
WOW Imagery Writer (6th Place) - Flee Dark
Great Imagery Writer (7th Place) - Shadows
Good Imagery Writer (8th Place) - Gone with the flame
Honorable Mention - The Dance of Spirits
Honorable Mention - The Damned


Write a short story that has a lot of imagery.

Here's a quote from a story I wrote that has a lot of imagery.

"I could smell fresh blood. I watched it run down his body and drip off each one of his small sharp talons onto the ground beneath him."

Your story can have any mood you like. Please make them short, there aren't enough hours in a day to review them all!

My computer did not make the awards write. (hehe) anyway, they are as follows: awards 1st through 8th and two honorable mentions

Please no mature stories! I don't want to read them at this moment.

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