Imagery Of The Darkness Within  April 6, 2012 - May 7, 2012

Reading and Deliberating


Bring me to my knees with your words, put all of what you are into it, all your soul and emotions as if nothing else exists. All I'm asking for is to shock me, stun me, bring me to my knees as a shivering mass with the power of yours words and emotions only, because I know you have it in you, and I want to see it, i want to tear, i want to cry and sob on someones shoulder.

Good luck!

* short poetry if possible (e.g. preferably less than 5 stanzas)
* a max of 3 entries per poet
* any emotion is good as long as you use terrific imagery, but i prefer the darkness within.

* place for bragging rights and reference on my personal poetry website (that is if i can get it complete and uploaded in the next 24 months or so)
* i will then review as many works as i feel fit of any winners

* use of excessive swearing will be automatically marked down (unless it is used as a descriptive sense)
* i will then review as many works as i feel fit of any winners


$0.00, If I complete my personal website for poetry in the next couple of years, you will be placed under my favourite authors


Pure Darkness Pure Darkness
Shady Shady
Pure Celestial Light Pure Celestial Light
1st Place 1st Place
2nd Place 2nd Place
3rd Place 3rd Place
4th Place 4th Place
Most Interesting Most Interesting
Best Imagery Best Imagery
Honorable Mention Honorable Mention


Jock Engelman
Jock Engelman
Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia


42 Contestants
98 Submissions
Created Apr 6, 2012

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  • Any Member can Submit
  • Only Poetry can be Submitted
  • All Genres of Writing can be Submitted
  • Each Contestant May Submit 3 Pieces of Writing
  • Writing may be submitted 4/6/2012 - 5/7/2012
  • Winners will be decided by the Moderator


Jock Engelman is solely responsible for the content of this contest, including all promised prizes. Take any promises of large monetary awards with a grain of salt. Contact Jock Engelman if you have any further questions.

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