Imperialism and Repression  March 15, 2015 - April 15, 2015

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Most Original - poem: Medical Assistance
Most Interesting Perpective - [writing deleted]
Best Written - ` Longstem Promises`
The One That Caught Me Off-guard - embassy
Most Beautifully Worded - Dancers in the Dark


Looking for poetry relating to empire, race, discrimination, nationhood, repression, slavery, hate crimes, prejudice, imperialist war etc or any combination of the above.

The poetry does not have to be political and it doesn't have to be historical. I am interested in new or unusual ways of exploring these much written about themes, they can operate on a micro or macro level, mess around with form and perspective or even look at these issues through an abstract lens.

I encourage people from all backgrounds to submit. The poetry can be about how imperialism and racial descrimination/repression have affected your demographic or the shame you feel on the part of the imperialist legacy of your country/people.

best of luck!


William Arthur
William Arthur
Sheffield, South Yorkshire, United Kingdom


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