Impress me, undress me  March 30, 2008 - April 30, 2008

Contest Completed


Winner - I'm reduced to a damp puddle - A Taste of Velvet
Runner up - I'm drooling - Kiss of the Serpent
Runner up to the runner up - I'm panting - [writing deleted]
1st Honorable mention - Carnality
2nd Honorable mention - The Velvet Touch
3rd Honorable mention - The Witness


My likes are simple. I like erotic poetry. I don't like formal or rhyming poetry. I don't like reading explicit sex/porn or violence/pain. I like it subtle, hot, steamy, sexy, quirky, slimy, and/or edible. I'm consumed by lust.

With that in mind, make my blood boil.

(I'm going to let you vote on this one. I don't know why. It goes completely against my megalomaniacal nature.)


My devotion.


Anne Martin
Anne Martin
The second circle of hell.


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