Impress me with your stories and poems or book   November 30, 2013 - December 4, 2013

Contest Completed


Best story - Dark Moon
Best poem - Heart Of The Violin
best book - [writing deleted]
Most creative - Pot of Gold
second for best story - The Picture (Short Story)
second for best poem - When I Stop Caring
second for most creative - Just a Dream
most unique - Heart
second most unique - The Things I Can See, Hear and Feel


write anything , it can be a story , poem or a book just impress me and you will be award fairly


$0.0, i will become your friend , review and comment your work and the joy of winning a contest



54 Contestants
54 Submissions
Created Nov 30, 2013

Siren's Song
Siren's Song
In a sleepy hidden town, a resident wizard stands guard. The competition gets out of hand, and someone may not come back
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