In Every Snack Lies a Story  August 6, 2008 - September 15, 2008

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1st place! Master of food! - Under the Weather
2nd place! Crafty food Observer! - Nicolai\'s Dessert
3rd place! Food Lover! - The Perfect Chicken Soup
4th place! "Yumm! I love my Food!" - Raspberry Mocha Frapaccino


I dunno about the lot of you, but a lot of my stories (Or at least settings within them) are generated by food. The smell of browning bananna's, the smooth stream of dairy as you fill a glass, and the insisting little demon that sits atop every bar of chocolate as you crack away a piece with your teeth. Snacks are a variety of creativity, from their smell and taste to the memories they bring up and the possibilities of them all.
I want stories that have evolved from your creativity in interacting with foods.

The two rules are:
1) Has to be centered on food of some sort
2) Must be under 7,500 words

Any type of story is allowed, including Erotica also, though with this category it's going to take some damn good craft to win me over. No prejudice, but, well, food fetish is just not that intriguing to me.

Looking forward to your stories!
Good luck!


Medals, and an increase in hunger!




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