In Honor of Halloween: Get Insane!  September 1, 2011 - October 31, 2011

Contest Completed


Maniac - [writing deleted]
Madman/Madwoman - [writing deleted]
Lunatic - Call Me Crazy?
Nutcase - Long Lived Fear
Crackpot - The Demon That Is Me
Loony - The Interview
Weirdo - My Little Black Heart


So, Halloween's coming up which means you now have the chance to enter your creepiest, craziest work in this contest until the big day is there!
Write a story or poem or lyrics that make me sincerely doubt your sanity! I dare you to try and creep me out or touch my heart with what you write.
You may get as violent and bloody as you like, but please be a little DEEPER than your average horror movie.
And most importantly, please be original. You stand a better chance of getting a badge if your piece of writing isn't even the least bit similiar to anything I've ever seen or read before.
So, now it's on, get irrevocably insane my little lunatics, if you aren't already, and let's see who's craziest and wins a life-long stay at the local asylum?


A badge, a review and encouraging words <3


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Created Sep 1, 2011