In The Name Of Love  August 28, 2008 - October 20, 2008

Reading and Deliberating


Everyone's either been in love or thought they were in love at some point in their lives, but have you ever realized that someone else loves you?
I'd like to read your poems about how someone else loves (or loved) you.
I'm not necessarily looking for tragedy, just the idea of being strongly loved by someone else. This can be a one-sided thing, or two sided, but the poem should be about the other person's love for you, not your love for him or her.
Good luck!

NOTE- Few seem to be getting this, so I'll restate:
Please do NOT enter a poem where the narrator is the one in love with the other person. I want to read poems where the narrator is the one recieving the affection from another. An example from my own work would be Shift In The Dawn:


I will write a review for each of the winning poems.


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