In Twelve Words Part 1  October 6, 2010 - October 13, 2010

Contest Completed


You Win!!!! :) - Writing the Sea
2nd Place Try just a little harder... - Twelve Words
3rd Yours was good.... - Such Lies


You have twelve words to impress me. It's really simple.
No cussing,
Your story should be for everyone not mature or teen!
No bashing,
Keep it clean!
(Keep on one of these and your more likely to win!)
Broken Heart,
Love Misused,
~Topics I don't like~
Comedy (in 12 words? Please!)
~Your Goal~
To get to me! Make me go into deep thought. Basically, just try to get me to think.
~Point System~
(How I Pick)
No cussing (10)
No profanity (10)
No bashing (10)
Got me thinking (50)
One of my favorites (10)
On Topic (10)

Okay so I will post your score in a review. Besides that, I choose by the one I like. Mwahahaha :3



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