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In the Name of Emotions  May 23, 2007 - May 30, 2007

Contest Completed


Gold Dr. Seuss Award - [writing deleted]
Silver Dr. Seuss Aaward - [writing deleted]
Bronze Dr. Seuss Award - a poet\'s name
Shel Silverstien Honorable Mention Award - [writing deleted]
Shel Silverstien Honorale Mention Award - Moving On


Using a combnation or just one of your names(first, middle, last) create a poem involving emotion or emotions(not a hard thing in poetry).

Examble(Probably a bad one too!)
Blackening of my heart
Erupting into a raging fire
Turning love into hate
Hate into anger
Anger at your
Your lack of faith in me.

Each letter of the name begins each line. So in this example the name is Bethany.
Good luck to all who enter!


$Sorry no cash prizes this time!, One of three medals or one of two ribbons on your stats page if you win!


Bethany Woody
Bethany Woody
Atlanta, GA


Created May 23, 2007