Infractus Somnium ("Broken Dream")  January 8, 2008 - April 15, 2008

Contest Completed


First Place (Magnificent) - The Darkside of The Moon
Second Place (Excellent) - cataract-clouded memories
Third Place (Very Good) - MEMORIES ...


I as a person with fantasies and dreams aplenty have had my dreams broken and beaten over and over again--mainly because people have shot me down before I even got the chance to make them come true. Therefore my creation of this Infractus Somnium Broken Dream contest is due to my obsession with dreams shattered to pieces. Ah, but that is not all.
Quite similar to my other contest, Satirical Haiku, I would like you to make a poem that is profoundly and distinctively beautiful that describes the worst kinds of breakage that a fragile hope or dream can ever undergo.

You can do plenty of different things with this, because I'm looking for a good lot of things. A few are the following:
* There must be a good dose of imagery--though too much of course may make a poem seem overwrought. You must simply gauge how much is enough. Imagery should evoke vivid pictures and projections to the reader.
* I would also like to learn of the character's (if there is/are one/some in the poem) feelings, thoughts, etc. though this isn't necessary, as long as there is good content and insight.
* Again, I stress that this is a contest looking for poems about broken dreams that are written beautifully, and that capture wonderfully vivid images.

Good luck!


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Lorelei Middlesex
Lorelei Middlesex
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