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Insignificant  December 10, 2007 - December 31, 2007

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Insignificant:You might as well die - [writing deleted]
Insignificant:Your the most insignificant creature alive - [writing deleted]
Insignificant:You are in insignificant but only to a half of the population - Story of a Broken Heart
Insignificant: You can call yourself not cared for - [writing deleted]
Insignificant:You are the middle....:)....better than last - [writing deleted]
Insignificant: You are half way insignificant but you can change that - [writing deleted]
Insignificant: Reward for your good work - [writing deleted]
Insignificant: Reward for your try - [writing deleted]
Insignificant:You are significant to those who matter - [writing deleted]
Insignificant: you are not insignificant just you think you are - [writing deleted]


tell me a story or porm of you feeling rather insignificant.......To rouse your imagination take a look at my profile and look up on my playlist "missing" from evanescence...good day!


$o.oo, ribbons or as i call it metals




Created Dec 10, 2007

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