Inspiration!  February 7, 2013 - February 28, 2013

Contest Completed


My polka-dot socks were blown FAR and WIDE!! - The Creation
Wide-eyed, jaw-dropped!! Love it! - HeartBeat 1 Reluctance to Accept
On the edge of my seat while reading!! - 18. Forever
Goodness! Quite a story!! - Alexander the protector


I have a HUGE writers block at the moment, so I wanted to make this contest so that you can inspire me and the many other writers here who may or may not have writers block.

Create an awesome story that will amaze and inspire me! Knock my polka dot socks off!!

Personally Id love to see what you can form in your creative minds when given the challenge of creating a thrilling romance with awesome twists, mystery, and just a bit of action. Kinda like the books by the talented Julie Garwood!

Lets see what you can do writers, show me your talent!

I hope this will help me with my writers block, and if it does help me- and maybe some other writers here- then I will be very much grateful!!!


The joy of having cured my HUGE writers block! And I shall review the winning pieces of art! And the 1st Placer's story shall be 'Read Requested' to all my friends.



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Created Feb 8, 2013