Inspire Me with Integrity  February 14, 2008 - March 4, 2008

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Ultimate in Inspiration - You Ought To Write a Book
Integrity Galore - Dandelion Transformation
Genius - The Dandy
Authentic & Moving - Roses & Time Well-Spent
Inspired Me - ~ A pOet Walked In ~
I'm Impressed - Swan Song


I joined WritersCafe when it was new and pure and beautiful. Lots of things have changed here, but I would like to think we are still a community of writers filled with integrity, passion, and essential goodness.

I'm finding a lot of... let's say... immature? writing here, which I understand is necessary in any writing space that hopes to improve and inspire those within it. However, I like to come here to be inspired by the genius around me.

So show me your genius.

Send me your favorite one or two pieces. I will adore you for it.

And... be my friend. I like hugs.


$0.00, My respect... and my friendship/hugs


Kara Emily Krantz
Kara Emily Krantz, MA


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