Inspire Me  October 3, 2010 - October 6, 2010

Reading and Deliberating


The best way to write is to read first. It's amazing how much inspiration you can find in someone else's work. Sometimes, I'll be reading, and a phrase will jump out at me, create an entire situation in a single description. A single metaphor I've read turns into a ten page story I write.

So, I want to read some things that are super original, that have bright and brilliant doses of imagery. I want you to inspire me to write with clever phrases and interesting words.

This is going to a pretty short contest, as I'm sick at home, and have the time now to do it.

Good luck.


Respect, a poem/story from me, and a review.


Inspiration Incarnation Inspiration Incarnation
Originality Personality Originality Personality
Revelation Motivation Revelation Motivation
Creativity Nativity Creativity Nativity
Imagination Emanation Imagination Emanation


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