Inspired by a Lyric 10 [edited rules!!]  October 12, 2008 - October 19, 2008

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Ultimate Leader of Men - [writing deleted]
Do you Lead as much as you follow? - Rescue of Beauty
Are you a Leader of Men? - [writing deleted]
- Lives
- Make Up Your Mind About Me


Same rules as always, with a little extra. I give you a lyric (just a portion of a song), you read it, and you make it into a poem, story, whatever. Let it inspire you. You don't even have to incorporate the song, but please don't submit unless you were inspired by THESE LYRICS, and PLEASE don't write something completely random that has nothing to do with it. I wanna be able to tell it was caused by this.

New rules:
You guys will VOTE, now! Keep in mind, you want to see the lyrics projected through the piece and you want to pick the best written, all at the same time. I think what I'll do is kick out all the irrelevant pieces, then put the rest as finalists just for voting, so everyone has a fair shot. Then I'll reopen for a day or so so I can narrow the awards to three and give them to the three winners of the vote. So just because you're piece is in the vote, does NOT mean you'll place, it just means you have a good chance and weren't eliminated from the start. This is a trial run for this idea, guys, so work with me here!

Thanks =D

"One day out to a cliff,
That overlooks the water,
I jumped in to save a girl,
It was somebody's daughter.




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