Inspired by a Lyric 8  September 28, 2008 - October 5, 2008

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Body Snatcher with a Pulse! - Nothingness In the Heart
Are you a Body Snatcher? - Leila
What's your Pulse Got To Do With It? - [writing deleted]


Same rules as always. I give you a lyric (just a portion of a song), you read it, and you make it into a poem, story, whatever. Let it inspire you. You don't even have to incorporate the song, but please don't submit unless you were inspired by THESE LYRICS, and PLEASE don't write something completely random that has nothing to do with it. I wanna be able to tell it was caused by this.

Thanks :)

My warning about writing being deleted if it wasn't written for this contest makes my description so ugly... So I'm gonna take it off. You guys know the rules anyway. =P

"This face means nothing,
These hands feel nothing,
These lungs are empty,
These eyes are blind.
This face means nothing,
These hands feel nothing,
But I'm here and this heart is yours.
Our love never dies.


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